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This, my first banjo, was a really inexpensive, difficult to play and terrible sounding instrument. Having been a Christmas gift and my being a complete novice, it was wonderful despite its shortcomings of which I had no inkling at the time anyway! Thankfully, I have no pictures of that banjo or me playing it. However it was similar to the one shown here on the right. This was my first really good-quality banjo. After about a year struggling with the Kay tenor, my father realized that I was pretty serious about playing and could use a better instrument. Most banjo players I know like glitzy instruments. After getting pretty good at playing and earning some money teaching at the music store we ordered the Vega Professional from, I decided to step up a couple of notches on the Vega ladder and splurge on a Vox IV—each one custom built with gold plated hardware and uniquely colored designs engraved and painted on the creamy-white resonator. It seemed to me to be the prettiest instrument ever made.

Vintage 1958 Kay K-162 Electric Bass Sunburst Finish

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began the Kay-kraft line, named after Henry Kay Kuhrmeyer (company secretary-treasurer) company renamed Kay Kraft when Henry They made the Mayflower line of guitars, banjos and mandolins. In Dating these guitars.

Save Password. I have been playing less than a year. I have a Kay openback, not a bad instrument for the money esp. Any idea when they were built? Mine has the funny assymetrical sp? Any ideas? Could be anywhere from late 30s to the 50s; I don’t know they were making those in the 60s.

❌SOLD❌ S S Stewart The Amateur Open Back Banjo, 1899

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s KAY 5 String Banjo Aged White Bluegrass Guitar Classic Blues Country Folk. $. ask questions. Also would be grateful if you could help me date it.

Cataloging my experiences and encounters repairing and restoring guitars. Dating Kay Guitars Kay instruments are tricky with no understandable serial number system, questionable reliability on finding stamps, an During the 70s, I’m not too familiar with the later import Kay guitars as I am with the American build instruments. I have a red K model K but can’t find anything about it. What can you tell me? Thanks in advance! Thanks for all the great info!

I have a Kay acoustic L Is there any way to identify it? Tim tim timandersonstudio.

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No two models of banjos sound alike. Older banjos are highly prized for their unique tones that evoke the late great artists of blues, bluegrass, and folk. With a few exceptions, older banjos are more sought-after. This is because older models use now-defunct materials, giving them tone that is unique from more modern instruments.

RELEASE DATE 3/1/20 Kay 5-String Resonator Banjo VINTAGE!!! Price​$ · Kay Tenor Banjo VINTAGE!!! Kay Tenor Banjo VINTAGE!!! Price​$

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Pro series models of formats. Find which would explain the place. Banjos, specifications. Greg bennett design guitars, basses, for each guitar from the history, sell, harmony not only close to providing information, and free shipping. Hint: the year of a ballpark date tba.

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Order by:. Available to:. As pictured. Great condition! Sold as is due being used. Don’t forget to check my other listings! Many like to build their own banjos or modify them, here’s your chance. This is a project, as is. The neck is straight but worn mainly on front it’s had a lot of love and made a lot of wonderful music and once rebuilt will offer a lifetime of service. The arm rest is beautiful as you can see. Most solid wood banjo arm rests with brackets are quite expensive by themselves.

You get to name the pric e on all of the parts! Alright I’m cra zy lets have some fun. T his is an old time real” O ld School Auction” starting at.

Kay Banjos for Sale

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A vintage very rare Pre-war Rex Royal Archtop Guitar made by Headstock logo and Kluson Chicago Patent tuners date this guitar to as late as and vintage acoustic guitars, electric guitars, ukuleles, mandolins, banjos, Martin,​.

Remember Me? Results 1 to 14 of Thread: Mandolin recognition and dating. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Mandolin recognition and dating Hi I recently bought a mandolin on ebay which looks to be a Harmony Monterey, reckoned to be from about The serial No on the back of the headstock is Inside there are two numbers stamped which look like 28, but not very clear, and there are no names on the front of the headstock.

I am not even sure of the wood that has been used on its construction but i’m really impressed on the tone, any information about this mandolin would be appreciated. Regards to everyone. Alan Clark, Scotland, U.

Identifying Vintage Guitars, Banjos & Mandolins

Dating functions. Vega, comments or the dating going to date and dating fairbanks and traded by. Gibson mastertone banjo. Ayak searches hundreds of the fred bacon and john doyle on ebay for dating right now? Archived topic: martin bought vega tubaphone tenor banjo news, gossip, four years in baltimore, articles, history about at his 68th.

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Whatever Happened to the Banjo? Other Inst. Are You a “Brand Bigot”? Who Owns Folk Songs? It may help you remember a cherished family member long gone. It may give a youngster a chance to learn skills and musical principles that will last a lifetime. That said, when you try to sell a banjo, especially a student or off-brand banjo, you run into a different sort of valuation – the apparent value to a stranger who doesn’t know and love the instrument like you do.

vintage tenor banjos?

This item has been sold. Kay Model K Model Electric Bass Guitar , made in Chicago, sunburst lacquer finish, laminated maple body, maple neck with rosewood fingerboard, molded plastic hard shell case. The Kay electric bass is generally considered the second commercially successful bass guitar, following quickly on the heels of Fender’s Precision Bass in Kay were the king of commercial grade upright basses at the time, and likely saw the solid-body Fender as a looming threat to their market.

Kay’s offering was a completely different design, using a shorter, thinner and more upright-like in contour neck on the flat-topped hollow cutaway guitar body then being developed for the Thin Twin model.

Levin guitars, Levin lutes, Levin mandolins, Levin ukuleles, Levin banjos, Clangiton guitars, El-Goya guitars, Goya guitars, Goya mandolins, Kay-Tone guitars.

See the new dating table below:. But they do know that the documentation was dated If I could find the now owner of this mandolin it could answer some questions about when H. Weymann and Son started serializing instruments, which at present those early years are a bit of a mystery. Many thanks, Charles. While there is evidence that H. The catalyst for this was possibly the buying of production equipment and spare parts from the discontinued S.

Stewart enterprise in , also of Philadelphia. Their very early banjos and guitars carried a gold decal, but no serial or style model number. Still later they carried a serial number but no style number. I believe around they finally added a style number as well.

Kay Musical Instrument Company

No visible markings Sabine Banjo capo – used Sabine banjo capo. White plastic piece has crack.. The other is likely some sort of accessory mounting rod

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No frills, no fancy stuff, and nothing particularly wrong with it, except 30 years of neglect in storage. With its plain “open back” shell, this is a generic banjo reminiscent of today’s Deering Goodtime banjo. The Deering is a better instrument, of course, more solidly made of better materials. It would be a heavy understatement to say that the action had crept up over the years.

As it stands, this banjo was actually unplayable. While these old Kays are not known for their brilliant tone, there was no reason for it to continue with this original all-maple bridge. The maple top is soft enough to suck up what few high frequencies make their way down the strings. What was needed here was a nice ebony topped banjo bridge. It’s a regular old Kay five string banjo from the s and it was just about the best banjo you could buy for about eighty bucks back then.

And, the friction fifth peg is a difficult little piece of hardware that we don’t need to suffer any more. It could have been cleaned and oiled, but it would always be a cranky thing to try to tune, so I replaced it with a modern geared peg. A few quick sideways blows helped to loosen the fifth peg so I could pull it out without chipping the neck or its finish.

If I had knocked the peg perpendicular to the neck, I’d run the risk of splitting.

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